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about AAA Collection

Ancient Art & Architecture Collection is a London based stock photography agency, offering a wide range of fascinating historical images from pre-history to the 19th century worldwide.

Founder, Ronald Sheridan became interested in photography in his childhood in the 1940s. He was given a camera by his uncle on his birthday. He rushed into a street and started to try his new gadget. He took a shot of the scene when a lorry unloaded piles of boxes with eggs inside, and suddenly these boxes collapsed and all the eggs were crushed and scattered onto the pavement. The photo was shown as the day’s news in a local newspaper! This was how he started his photography adventure.

In the 1960s and 70s, based in Beirut, while working as a photojournalist reporting news of wars, Ronald took pictures of historical sites.

Back in London, he founded a photo library named Ronald Sheridan Photo Library, specialising in historical pictures.  He continued to embark on a regular series of travels to extend his archive of pictures.

One day he thought about changing the business name to show what his library offers.  He talked about this to his brother-in-law.  The conversation went on:

“I am wondering if there is any suitable name?”

“What kind of photographs do you sell?”

“Ancient art, and architecture. “

“Ah, there you are, that’s it!”

Since then his library has been called as it is now.

In 1995, sadly Ronald died. Haruko, his widow, inspired by his vision and with a large collection of slides and prints, decided to continue the business, together with his dedicated female staff.  The library is now run by Haruko as a sole trader, supported by artist/designer Yuca Ishizuka, and two academics, Dr Anne Ward and Dr Dan Williams, who contribute short articles, related to images to make our website interesting.