:::::: Picture Buyers :::::
How can we order or download high resolution files of images from your website?

Please email us providing us with information; image number, your name, and the usage of images. As soon as we receive your order, we will email you a hi res file.

Do you have more images off-line?

Yes, there are more pictures that are not digitised yet.
Please drop a line by email mentioning what images you are looking for.
We will search our materials, scan them and send a selection of low resolution files by email FREE OF CHARGE.

Can you re-scan images to a higher resolution?

Yes, we can unless the pictures are taken digitally.

Do you sell images to private individuals for personal use?
Yes, we can offer these at a lower price.

How can we obtain a permission to use your images?

We will issue our permission invoice. Our permission is granted when the invoice is paid in full.

When and how can we pay the fees for usage?

When you receive our permission invoice, please pay either by cheque, or BACS.
We will arrange for PayPal shortly.